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Will Brady Contains Multitudes...

They always told him that the sheer act of being oneself alone makes somebody inherently special.

Okay, that's both fine and dandy, but what makes Will Brady special besides all that grade-school philosophizing?

The guy just refuses to be pigeonholed. It's not that he's unpredictable -- it's that he's uncategorizable. You could conceivably find him goofily deconstructing the most mundane aspects of everyday life, or giving heartfelt lamentations of the ironies and paradoxes of trying to better oneself, or ranting for seven uninterrupted minutes about why public bathrooms are an affront to the natural order. And it's not even that it's random -- it's just whatever he feels is needed for a given situation.

And he'll do this in all sorts of ways, because again, he just refuses to stand still. He writes and performs his own stuff, but here's where you come in. Because he wants to convey his ideas, he's more than willing to help you convey yours. Want him to write for you? Cool, toss him a pen and something to scrawl on. Want him to perform for you? Neat, throw him up in front of a camera or on a stage or in a small dark booth with a fancy-schmancy microphone. He's done it all before and he'll do it for you. The man wouldn't allow himself to be just one thing, so he isn't just one thing.

Because as artists, we have two options. We can make art that's self-serving and narcissistic, or we can make art that we at least believe will make the world a more bearable place to live. And that second option absolutely sounds pretentious as all get-out, but in a world where so many people don't even try to improve things, it can't be evil to try, right?

Therefore Will Brady strives to be the magical multi-tool that helps make the art that needs to exist.

And that's how you brand an unbrandable person.

(...Jeez, that all still sounds extremely pretentious. Whatever, I'm keeping it.

Besides, the only difference between embarrassment and hilarity is confidence.)

And Wix insisted for search-ability reasons that I reiterate, explicitly using the words, that I am an Actor, a Writer, a Comedian, and a Performer, and that my goal here is to help you make art and ultimately make my own (possibly with you, Dear Reader!). So now there's no ambiguity. Ya gotta love Wix, always having yer back.

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